The disposable razor was launched two and a half decades ago for professional barbers and hair dressers.

It was initially created to address a dominant concern of hair professionals back on those years, of infectious diseases and related health issues.

BARZOR brings a revolutionary tool that enabled hair professionals to work risk-free, with complete protection of themselves and of their customers.

The single use BARZOR razor requires no initial sterilization and is ready to use.
As it is shave-ready, it saves not only the precious time of loading and replacing the blades in the shavette, but also the time and cost of re-sterilizing it at the end of the work.

Disposable razors have gained a major crowd of loyal users along the years, also due to its ergonomic comfortable design and its light weight.

We are proud to introduce BARZOR the cutting edge razor to the US hair professionals' market with special offers and to enable them to experience this fantastic tool and to forget all about fixing, removing, sterilizing, and disinfecting razors.